Southwest Flight Get Hole in the Roof

Check out my live report of a local man who was on Board Southwest Flight With Hole in Roof…Here’s the video.

A West Virginia man says he’s not afraid of flying, even after his plane made an emergency landing. 

Bob Thomas of Falling Waters was on a Southwest flight that had a huge hole open up in the roof.

He’s back home now. He says the plane trip actually went pretty smoothly, considering everything.

Thomas was flying from Las Vegas to Baltimore when his connecting flight from Nashville got a hole the size of a football in the roof of the plane.

Thomas says oxygen masks came down and flight attendants immediately began checking on passengers. After about 20 minutes, the plane made an emergency landing in Charleston, WV.

Thomas is a frequent flier. He says he was just happy to have his feet on the ground.

The passengers were given pizza when they arrived in Charleston, right before they boarded their new plane to go to Baltimore.

Thomas says the second flight was light-hearted, and he and the other passengers even joked about checking the roof of the plane.

In spite of everything, Thomas says he plans to fly Southwest again.


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