Mocha Club

I admit it… I spend 4 bucks a day to get my jolt of coffee…And yes I’m a coffee snob so I have to go to Starbucks. So needless to say when I got this email from a friend about a “Mocha Club,” I got excited…Ohhh is this a buy one get one free thing for Starbucks!?! 

Clearly, I was wrong. It’s even better: Its a website called Mocha Club that offers a monthly program to give clean water to those living in Africa.
Here’s how it works: You join online and donate $7 a month, the cost of 2 mochas, and that money goes straight to support projects in Africa. The Mocha Club also supports projects like orphan care, relief for the victims of the genocide in Darfur, Sudan and many more.
And as if the good feeling you get from helping those less fortunate than you wasn’t enough, there’s a bonus. Mocha Club is giving away TWO FREE EXCLUSIVE DAVE BARNES MP3s if you sign up. (“Someday” and “On A Night Like This” acoustic versions recorded especially for Mocha Club!)
To learn more about Mocha Club, you can read their blogs, videos, and podcasts every month. And once you join, they update you with exactly where your money is going.

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