Hero for the Month of June

We all know kids can say the darnedest things, but kids also do some pretty amazing things. Like our hero for the month of June: Ricky Springer. Ricky is part of a local organization called Kids Are Heroes, a group that brings kids together to inspire others and give back to a cause of their choice.  

Ricky is not your typical kid, he has a rare disease that affects his gastrointestinal track, called Eosinophilic Colitis (EC). This disease renders his body unable to tolerate most food proteins. Click here to hear Ricky’s interview and how he uses his disease to help educate and inspire others through “Racing for a Cause.”

Kids are Heroes will be hosting “Kids Are Heroes Day” at Boyd’s Bear Country in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on Saturday June 26th. For more information on KAH Day click here. If you think your kid is a hero, you can contact Gabe O’Neill, the founder of Kids Are Heroes, to get involved with the organization by visiting their website at or by emailing or calling 240.782.4233.


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