Couple Weds at the Humane Society

Here’s a story I did yesterday on a couple who got married at the Humane Society of Washington County… Click the video to watch it all!

Getting married on a day like August 9, 2010, which is 8-9-10, is not unheard of, it makes it easier to remember your anniversary. 

One couple in Hagerstown took it to the next level by getting married in an unforgettable location: the Washington County Humane Society.

The Hendrick’s wedding party were their three dogs: Brandy, Milli and Smuckers.

Sandy and Brian Hendrick have been engaged for two years. They decided to get married on on Monday because of the memorable date: 8-9-10, but they also decided to hold it at the humane society.

“We kind of jokingly said, ‘Why don’t we get married at the humane society?’ and I said, ‘Well why not'” says Sandy.

Their message is to adopt from your local shelter.

While they didn’t have all the regular wedding traditions, they did have a few. Including their own wedding march, customized of course, with their dog singing the song.

At the reception, cake was fed to the human guests and milk bones for the rest of the attendees.

In lieu of presents, the Hendricks asked their guests to bring a donation to the humane society.

“It’s great! I told her I’ve been to three already and this is by far the best,” says Angi Hartman, a guest.

“It’s an unusual request, but they support us, and the least we can do is support them for their special day,” says Paul Miller with the human society.

For their honeymoon, the couple didn’t venture to the tropics, instead they visited the dog kennels.

“They are out here just looking for love and their forever home, and we were looking for love as well,” says the couple.

The humane society says they would love to have more weddings at their location and of course are always accepting donations.

Click here to donate to the Humane Society of Washington County. Click here to see their adoptable animals!


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