Holiday Cards that Help

Although the Holiday cards at & Shutterfly are too adorable for words, they don’t help animals.

Send your loved ones season’s greetings with these irresistible cards—each one features a cat or dog rescued by the ASPCA. Plus, all proceeds will help save more pets!

This year’s exclusive designs feature ASPCA alumni—dogs and cats who were either rescued as strays, saved from abusive situations or transferred from other shelters that didn’t have enough room. Each box contains 16 cards, envelopes and silver seals embossed with the ASPCA logo. You have your choice of all cats, all dogs or mixed.

Cards are 7″ X 5″. A brief bio of each animal appears on the back of the card along with the ASPCA’s mission statement.

The inside text reads either “Season’s Greetings” or “Peace on Earth”. Another idea: Buy gifts for your pets from the ASPCA store instead of from Petsmart! They have tons of great stuff your pets will love!


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