Clicking Does Matter

Thank you!  In 2010, your clicks and shopping provided over 86 million bowls of food.  Keep clicking to help shelter animals in 2011!I’m always advocating clicking on that “purple button” on The Animal Rescue Site. Every click provides .06 bowls of food for homeless animals. And in 2010, those daily clicks on the purple button (72.17 million) and shopping in The Animal Rescue Site store (13.8 million), resulted in more than 86 million bowls of food for homeless animals. Pretty cool, that just with a click—all that good can be done!

So sign up for the daily reminders to click and do good, it takes less than 10 seconds to click. Also, shopping at their online store might surprise you, they actually have some ni

ce stuff. And if you have to buy it anyway, why not do some good at the same time

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Here’s hoping for more clicksin 2011 and more homeless animals with full bellies!


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