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Single on Vday?

10 Things that will warm your heart when you’re single on Cupid’s day.

1. Play with a puppy. Studies show a little play time with a four-legged, slobbering, unconditional-loving pup is a guaranteed recipe for a smile.

2. Call a friend. Yeah, I’m not a phone person either. And there are times I put off calling my best friend. Terrible, I know. But every time we chat, even when I’m super busy and I have tons of things I should be doing instead, I feel better. Just talk. You don’t have to have anything special to say. You never know, they might be needing a little heart-warming chat, too.

3. Volunteer. It’s what we do during the holidays because it makes us “feel good.” Well why wait until Christmastime to get a jolt? Stop by your local soup kitchen, serve up some love. Stop by the Humane Society and offer to walk the dogs. (See idea #1). Or sign up to be a mentor in Big Brothers/Big Sisters. As you know, the list doesn’t end there. And even if you don’t have money to give, we all can spare a little time.

4. Dance. Turn up your favorite song in your room and just dance. You know how everyone looks happy when they’re dancing? It’s because it makes you feel good. So go cut a rug. My suggestion? A Vday themed tune like Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Obvi.

5. Bubble bath! Grab some salts (not the kind you can get high off of, people), a couple of candles (my favorite, the Volcano #6 in the blue jar), and make sure your towel is fresh out of the dryer. It’s like a big hug when you get out of that warm bath! And don’t forget the vino. May I suggest a wine that does some good as well? Try Rescue Red.)

6. Grab your single bestie and watch a marathon of the 12 best Anti-Valentine’s Day movies… Here’s a full list!

7. Celebrate Single’s Awareness Day! Be proud. You’re single. You’re fab. Embrace it. http://www.singlesawareness.com/

8. Spoil yourself with your favorite meal. Whatever it may be, order it, cook it, pick it up… Even if it’s just your favorite pizza. Even if you’re on a diet. February 14th is a freebie day, you can have whatever you like.

9. Play with a pet! For those of you that have a pet, you know how good it is for your soul to play with your four-legged friend. Don’t have a pet? Go to your local shelter and offer to walk the dogs, or just walk around the shelter and rub some ears. The unconditional love will warm your soul. After all, they do make the best sweethearts.

10. Throw a Singles Awareness Day Party! Chances are, you’re not the only single on this day feeling sorry for yourself. Don’t go through it alone, grab your bff’s and have them over to make fun of cheesy couples and drink lots of dessert wine while eating chocolate cake.


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