Doggy Talent Contest!

Vote for Your Favorite Pooch in the ASPCA Talent Contest!

I know, it’s really hard to watch. Cute dogs doing funny things. But if you can last through the cuteness overload, cast your vote for your favorite… Click here to vote! I don’t know about you, but the purple feather boa-collar really does it for me 😉

A star-studded panel of judges—including Blondie’s Debbie Harry and songstress Roberta Flack—selected the winner of the Sixth Annual ASPCA “Best in Show” Talent Competition last week, but now we want to hear from you!

On February 11, some of the ASPCA’s most talented dogs showed off their best moves (and costumes!) in hopes of winning over the panel of judges—which also included New York Post gossip columnist Cindy Adams, Aida Turturro of The Sopranos and Humane Law Enforcement’s Joseph Pentangelo—and demonstrated that dogs can survive terrible situations to become great pets.

Before the panel of celebrities and a bevy of photographers, 11 dogs—four of them rescued by ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement and four by our Field Investigations and Response Team—went way beyond Sit and Stay, jumping through hoops, dancing and even modeling. Showing great poise under pressure, these talented canines kept their eyes on the prize (doggie treats, of course) to perform as a firedog, a great artist, a yogi and even a baby!

After the veritable parade of pups had strutted their stuff, the judges awarded Brenda, a Pit Bull, the top prize for her riveting performance as a search-and-rescue dog who saves a trapped miner. That wasn’t an easy call; all the dogs and handlers put on a great show, and it seems to us that more than one dog should take home top honors.

That’s why we’re asking our loyal readers to cast their vote for the Viewer’s Choice award. Watch videos of five ASPCA doggies performing at the talent show, and vote TODAY for the one you think deserves Viewer’s Choice. Voting closes at 11:59 P.M. on February 27. May the best pooch win!


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