Why Journalism Matters

Brilliant effort by the The National Press Foundation to start a trending topic that rocks: “Why Journalism Matters.”

Bonus: By participating, you can win an iPad. Hashtag #journalismmatters, along with your reason.

What’s my take on why journalism matters? There’s so many reasons. That’s one I’ll have to think about. Or tweet about. Good thing there’s no limit on how many times you can tweet your reason!

The NPF will stream the tweets during their Annual Awards dinner next week. Contest ends March 1st!

More info here. And follow National Press Foundation here on Twitter.

Some of my favorites so far:

@adjoro: #journalismmatters because the best stories are real, and we never outgrow storytime

@jackiebdiaz: @NatPress #journalismmatters because everyone has the right to know and w/o it there is no democracy!

@joshshultz: #JournalismMatters because it’s the first rough draft of history #authorunknown

@mike_hartz: If information is power, the providers of information bring power to the masses. #journalismmatters


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