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Miracle Baby in Need of Help

Click here to watch the story, it’s a miracle this little girl survived. Now, she’s in need of help.


She’s been deemed the “Miracle Baby” after surviving an SUV crashing into her bedroom Monday. Now, Alyiana’s family is hoping for more good news, as they try to put their lives back together.

People have already stopped by to help the Enrights, donating clothing and even a crib. Karen Luxon stopped by Tuesday with a bag full of clothes her daughter was no longer using.

“I’ve got a little girl that’s two so I went through her stuff to see what I could find. Some pajamas clothes, jeans, just whatever i could find,” Luxon says.

Now the Enrights are facing an even bigger problem, they need to find somewhere else to live. “As of right now we’ve got until April 1st, unless it can get fixed or the building inspector deems it safe and livable by then,” says Kenneth Enright, Alyiana’s father.

For now, the family is counting their blessings and looking forward to the future. “i’m just glad she’s alive. She’s fine, breathing perfect. I couldn’t ask for anything more,” says Shasta Enright, Ayliana’s mother.

“There’s a bigger plan for her in this world,” says Shasta.

“Nothing is too much or too little. Everything goes to help my daughter,” says Kenneth.

The Enrights say they are already so thankful for all the donations they’ve received and will welcome any other help with open arms. Alyiana is 10 months old and is in need of clothes and anything else that would go in her room. If you’d like to help the family, you can drop off donations at their home:
The Enright Family
2702 Lancaster Road
Richmond, KY 40475

Or you can call them at 859-661-5837.


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