Three Men Arrested with 86 Stolen/Fake Credit Cards

My story from today… Click here to see the video.

Police made several big arrests on Friday and three men are now behind bars in Lexington. But, as it turns out, their crime spree may go well beyond Lexington.

An employee at Meijer in Hamburg noticed three men acting a bit odd, and it turns out his instinct was right – police say the three men were trying to use multiple credit cards to purchase electronics. It was suspicious to the store employees that they used multiple credit cards, some of which weren’t even good, to complete multiple transactions.

The Meijer employee gave police a vehicle description, and once police caught up to the suspects on Man O’ War Bouelvard, they hit the jackpot, finding 86 credit cards and and several electronics.

Police say each man is charged with 86 counts of second-degree possession of a forged instrument, and they’re charged with one count each of false making or embossing of a credit card as well as receiving goods fraud under $10,000.

The case doesn’t stop there, as police say they believe the men have been pulling this scam across the country, from California, Georgia and to several places in Kentucky.

The men are not American, so now I.C.E. and the Secret Service are involved, and officials say this could be just the beginning.

Each of the men is being held at the Fayette County Detention Center on a $270,000 bond.


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