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Poor Thing!

This story broke my heart! This homeless kitten, was just trying to get something to eat… When he got his head stuck in an empty soup can! Poor baby! Good news, the little guy was rescued, and is now looking for his forever home!

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If you’re interested in adopting Campbell, here’s how!

Animal House Adoption Center
3516 Newburg Road, Louisville, KY 40218
(502) 473-PETS (7387)

Louisville – A stray kitten that got its head stuck in a soup can is now free and up for adoption.

Jackie Gulbe, spokesperson for Metro Animal Services says the cat, about four months old, was looking for something to eat when he put his head in the can.

Shelter officials named him “Campbell”, who was found along Old Mitchell Hill Road. When the vet first tried take off the can, Campbell started crying. Instead, he was sedated and bolt cutters were used to cut off the can, says Gulbe.

According to a Louisville newspaper, Gulbe describes the cat as, “real sweet with lots of personality.”

She says he is available for adoption at the new Animal House Adoption Center on Newburg Road.


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