Lexington and UK Police Preparing for More Celebrations

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UK’s big win Sunday means campus police will be doing some extra things to tighten up security to keep True Blue fans safe during what will hopefully be their celebrations this coming week and weekend.

UK and Lexington Police fortunately have prior experience in dealing with championships, as they’re using 1996 and 1998 as templates to make sure they’re ready for hopefully another win.

In 1996, police say they were not ready for the riots that ensued after winning the championship. But when the Cats took home another title in 1998, They were well-prepared. they say they are using both of those as preparation for this weekend’s game.

Police say the crowds out celebrating after Sunday’s win over North Carolina were not that troublesome. There were lots of people out on Euclid Avenue and around campus, and there were no shortage of people there. There were reports of about 15 couches set on fire, and police want to remind everyone that that is illegal and you could be cited or arrested. But, they also want to remind everyone who chooses to celebrate that they’re UK fans, too.

Police will hold meetings all week coming up with specific plans of action, but they won’t say exactly what those plans are, other than they will have all officers on duty. They also want to remind businesses in the area that they can help keep the peace by serving alcohol in plastic cups.


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