UK Craziness

This was definitely worth a blog post. I am quite accustomed to SEC crazy fans in football, but not in basketball. Well after UK beat UNC and continued on to the Final Four, I experienced my first UK craziness. To my fellow Vols, this is how I explain it to you…Picture Tennessee football, and we kill Florida. At home. In our glorious Neyland Stadium. That’s how the Cats celebrate basketball. Don’t get my wrong, I’m quite proud of how far UT basketball has come (neigh, the recent coach snafu, but I digress)…but basketball to UK is as football is to UT.

And since UT isn’t in the NCAA tournament, I have to root for my fellow SEC team, the Cats.

And if you’re not familiar with the UK fanatics, here’s a few videos and pictures to get you acquainted.

First, the burning couch: 

UK fans waiting for their team to arrive home in Lexington:

Lexington friends after the Ohio State win:

The typically serene LEX 18 Newsroom on the weekends:

More couch burning: 

The point is, kudos UK basketball fans. I’m reminded of UT football, and I commend you for fanatics. Here’s hoping for an SEC win in the NCAA tourney!


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