Free Music

Who doesn’t love free music? Especially when it’s this good.

So do yourself a favor and download the beautiful Jamie Grace’s single, “Hold Me Free” on iTunes. Just click here!

I had the privilege of meeting Jamie at a Tourette Syndrome conference we both spoke at last year in Alexandria, VA. This girl has such amazing strength, courage and talent. Plus, she’s beautiful and sweet. (Trust me, it’s possible to be all these things in one!)  She has overcome such adversity to get where she is. I am so proud to know her!

Jamie’s bio: Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Jamie Grace is a college student who aside from her career and touring as a singer-songwriter, is also studying children’s ministry. At age 11, Jamie Grace was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome, and has since traveled the country sharing her story and faith through music and speaking.

Click here to learn more about Jamie.


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