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Ordinary Heroes

I work with some pretty amazing people at LEX 18. Yesterday that became even more apparent, when one of our photographers, Rob Cook, posted a picture of a burning car. Not that unusual considering us photogs and reporters are always posting pictures of car accidents, fires, etc. But the caption was the amazing part. It said:

“I actually stopped and pulled a woman out of this car before it exploded into flames. Had to break the window and pull her out. This is about 20 miles north of houston TX. On my way to in NCAA coverage.”

Further proof: We all have a purpose. While we may not understand it at that exact point, it will soon be made clear to us. While Rob had to drive from Lexington to Houston, in a less than ideal situation, while his coworkers flew, it was obviously a tough drive. What a blessing that he was there at that point in time and that he had the courage to help someone in need.

Here’s the full story:

An LEX 18 photographer traveling to Houston in the station’s satellite truck for the Final Four pulled a woman from a wrecked car Wednesday evening right before the car burst into flames.

Rob Cook, who has been with LEX 18 since 1983, was traveling on U.S. 59 about 18 miles outside of Houston at about 6:30 p.m. CST when he witnessed a car hit a median barrier. Cook pulled over, as did another motorist, to render assistance. The other motorist broke out the passenger window and pulled out a male passenger. Cook could not get the driver’s door open, so pulled on the door’s window, which was partially down, until it broke. He then helped the female driver out of the car.

Moments later, after all had gotten clear of the car, the vehicle burst into flames.

Emergency personnel arrived on the scene shortly after. Neither the driver or her passenger, whose names have not yet been released, were injured in the incident.


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