Fashion for Paws


Why do I help raise money for Washington Humane Society via Fashion for Paws? It’s stories EXACTLY like this one, that motivate me…
When they brought her to us they said a “table fell on her” and they couldn’t afford to bring her to the hospital.  It was clear that her leg was broken and that she was in desperate need of medical attention.  The female puppy was about 2 ½ months old and despite her obvious discomfort, could not stop wagging her tail or giving kisses to all the WHS staff who took turns holding her.

We brought the puppy, now called Brandy, to our friends at SouthPaws in Fairfax where we knew she would be given the best care possible.  Upon examination the doctor concluded that a table may indeed have fallen on her, but it happened some time ago… poor Brandy had likely been suffering for weeks!

There is no way to know what really happened to Brandy, but once she entered our care we knew that we had to do everything within our power to help this sweet, innocent dog.  Brandy’s leg was fused back together and she was medicated to relieve the pain.  For the first time in a long time, she could rest comfortably and begin the healing process.  It has been two weeks since her successful surgery at SouthPaws and she is well on her way to living the life she deserves.  Brandy is continuing her recovery in a foster home and will soon be ready for adoption.

We need your support to ensure that there are resources available to help sick and injured animals like Brandy.  At any given time, there could be dozens of animals who could benefit from the advanced medical treatment it allows, but our resources are limited.

Every day, the Washington Humane Society is grateful for the generosity of our community: our donors who support Sophie’s Fund and all of our other programs; our partners such as SouthPaws that provide outstanding medical attention to our animals in need; foster families who open their homes to afford extra special care when it is most needed; and to the families who adopt dogs like Brandy and give them a loving forever home.

If you would like to help animals just like Brandy, you can donate here.


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