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Soldiers Honored at Keeneland

Keeneland is THE place to be in the months of October and April in Lexington. But on Sunday, it was the place to honor nearly a thousand soldiers from Fort Knox.

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–Keeneland honored hundreds of soldiers at the race track Sunday.

Nearly 1,000 soldiers from the 194th Armored Brigade in Fort Knox got a chance to enjoy the races at Keeneland for Military Appreciation Day.

Most importantly, the soldiers were able to call and Skype home on phones donated by Windstream

For one soldier, it was a chance to Skype with his wife and two young children on their anniversary. “Words can’t even describe it. I was just happy to see them. It filled a gap in my heart I needed,” says James Kleiber. “it’s kind of a break from pushups and sit-ups, and I’m getting some Red Bull! It’s a break from everyday life,” says Private Larry Westcomb.

All the soldiers had free food vouchers. Many said the hot dogs and soda were a nice break.


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