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Mudslide Inside Woman’s Home After Storms

Here’s my story from today…

From the outside, Wenda Naylor’s Garrard County home looks just fine, but last week, her basement wall had caved in, a mudslide literally inside her home.

“When I came home I saw a bunch of mud in my driveway. I thought what has happened?” said Naylor. “The whole back wall, which is about maybe 30 feet of a wall just caved in.”

Underneath the rubble are the remnants of Wenda’s living room. Even her flower bed from her back yard is now in her basement. “I have a table, a rocking chair and a T.V. stand. Of course, my T.V. Is under there, too,” she said

The storms last week and early Wednesday morning are to blame for the obvious damage. But Wenda says the cracks in her home started when construction was being done on Highway 27. “When they did the dynamiting I started seeing cracks in my house, and that caused a lot of problems, too,” she said.

Now Wenda is staying with family because her home just isn’t safe. For how long though, she doesn’t know. Her insurance company says there’s nothing they can do.

“If you’ve got wind damage, if a tree fell on my house, they would cover that. But they won’t cover something like this, unless I was built on a volcano,” says Wenda.

Wenda has installed wooden beams in her basement for now, in hopes of protecting what she has left.

“It’s very heartbreaking, it bothers you a lot, knowing you have something like this to happen,” she says. Wenda is getting estimates done now, because after 29 years, she can’t imagine living anywhere else.

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