LEX 18

Battle of the Hats

Today, I spent most of the day outside in the rain. When the weather is as bad as it was today, LEX 18 goes full force in bringing you everything you need to know about the storms. But as I ventured outside today, I realized I needed a hat, or something to cover my head. It was raining buckets.

The only hat I had at work, my UT hat. Now most of you know, I am a proud Tennessee Vol. But I am not an idiot, wearing my orange and white gear in the heart of Wild Cat Country is just not a good idea.

I tweeted a picture of what I was going to wear for my live shot, and the response was less than positive, understandably so 🙂

But don’t worry, I changed my mind and wore an LEX 18 hat, courtesy of one of my coworkers! Crisis averted! 


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