Well Done, Brian Williams and NBC

I get it. The Royal Wedding is absolutely every girls’ dream. I’m totally into it. I won’t wake up early to watch it, but  my DVR will absolutely be stuffed with several hours of wedding coverage when I wake up. But, it’s not the most important thing in the world.

While that big story is always debatable and highly objective, I feel pretty confident that what’s happening in Alabama, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee and other southern states that were hit hard by the tornadoes is way more important.

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the hoopla of a new princess and the dream wedding for everyone. Especially the media (guilty as charged.) It is literally a production for the ages, and with millions of people expected to tune in, it’s no surprise every network is going all out for the Royal Wedding coverage. But when something as big as what happened in the south happens, it’s hard to ignore. It’s hard to move the wedding of a lifetime coverage to the B block. It’s hard not to keep your star anchor in the heart of the coverage. But NBC found a way.

I watched NBC and another network news show tonight. Both had tornado coverage, Royal Wedding hoopla, etc. But while one ended with a fluff-piece on the happenings in London, another ended with a call to help, for the public to donate to the Red Cross to help those suffering in the south.

What’s more, Brian Williams took to the blogosphere to share his reason for their coverage. He was on his way to London, when he turned around. He knew there was another story he needed to report that was more important.
Check out BW’s blog here, on why he came back.  

“We both agreed the tragedy would dominate our newscast and our coverage.”

~Brian Williams

And by the way,  you can give to Red Cross disaster relief by texting REDCROSS to 90999, to help the victims of the tornadoes.


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