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Hearing Held on Man Accused of Killing Police Officer

Man Denied Change Of Venue In Lexington Police Officer Murder Case

A judge on Tuesday denied a defense motion that the trial of the man charged with murdering a Lexington police officer be moved to Louisville.

Police say Glen Doneghy was driving the SUV that struck and killed officer Bryan Durman as he was responding to a noise complaint in April 2010.

During a hearing earlier this month, a judge ruled Doneghy competent to stand trial, and his attorney filed a motion to move the proceedings to Jefferson County.

Aside from the denial of a change of venue, the judge said that all other charges against Doneghy connected to the case, including resisted arrest, throwing a stinging liquid at officers and the alleged stabbing of an arresting officer, would be allowed to be heard at Doneghy’s trial.

The judge also said that while the change of venue request is currently being denied, that could change once jury selection begins in the upcoming trial.


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