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Rather, an endorsement. Last weekend when I was in Los Angeles, I went hiking in the Hollywood Hills. And when I say hills, I mean hills. It was gorgeous! However, I underestimated the actual hike…I set out to get as close to the famous Hollywood sign as I could, in my Sketchers Shape-Ups. Yes, I have a pair. I got them for Christmas last year. I thought, why not? At the very least they are cute shoes. To be honest I really haven’t worn them that much until last weekend. Mostly for short periods of time, while I’mĀ anchoring the weekend and just lounging around the station, or on an errand run around town. But this hike, was a different Sketchers Shape Up experience. I hiked up hill after hill after hill in those shoes, not thinking much about it. The next day: My bootie was so sore! (in a good way!)

So while the shoes may not be a replacement for a personal trainer or your regular work out, it’s a welcome supplement to my routine.


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