I admit it, I sign up for way too many newsletters and emails. Literally every morning when I wake up my inbox is filled with 15% off here, free shipping there, check out this new dress! It only fuels my shopping addiction, I know…but I love it!

In addition to the obligatory 10% off emails, there are lots of perks to being on lists and a “member” to certain sites. Most of these shops, if they’re smart, have rewards for members on their birthdays!

On my birthday yesterday, I got a ton of emails for free stuff! Here’s a few worth mentioning:

-%15 off at Anthropology

-Free drink from Starbucks

-Free treat from Panera

-Free gift from Sephora

…and the list goes on.

So while some lists are worthless, others are more than worth it. Free latte? Don’t mind if I do!


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