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12 Years After Kenwick Brawl: Director Can’t Stay Away From Community Centers

It’s been 12 years since the fight that broke out at the Kenwick Community Center in Lexington that sent Jonathan Boyd to the hospital. it was pretty serious, i broke a rib. i got 18 stitches. spent about a week in the hospital. “It was pretty serious, I broke a rib, I got 18 stitches and spent about a week in the hospital,” says Boyd.

After he was released from the hospital, Boyd took a break from the Kenwick Community Center. He moved on and worked other jobs over the years, but he always knew something was missing. It took a few words of advice from his dad to realize exactly what that thing was. “My dad told me I was at my happiest when I was working with kids.” And he was right. Boyd didn’t go back to work at the Kenwick Center, instead, he found a new home: The Kings Center in Frankfort.

“You’ve never experienced it until the school bus pulls up the doors open and the kids run off,” says Boyd. “I think we are their second home, their extended family. I do love my job. I love it a lot. everyday is a new experience.”

Just the other day was his 100th day on the job as the new executive director at The Kings Center, and he’s been busier than ever.

Boyd says his time at the center has been a whirlwind, but in a good way. He says people have come out of the woodworks to help. The center’s latest project is a garden, and Boyd says the kids love it. The center will host a benefit dinner this Saturday, June 18th at the First United Methodist Church in Frankfort. For more information¬†click here.

The Kings Center will hold their first annual “Great Canoe Race” August 27th in Frankfort.


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