Is Facebook the New Myspace?

I hope not. I like Facebook, I really do. But at this rate, I’ll soon be over it.

So I feel the need to rant and list the reasons Facebook is getting on my nerves. Let me count the ways…

1. The most glaring point of my disdain for the site are all the app requests. “___ has answered a question about Nikki! Is Nikki a nice person? Click here to unlock the answer!” I don’t care. If I wanted to know if you thought I was a nice person, I would have asked you.

“_____ needs some fertilizer! Help her out.” If I wanted to be a farmer, I would in real life. What are the redeeming qualities of having a fake farm with fake animals and fake dirt? I just don’t get it.


“___ has sent you a request using @Hugs!”

Seriously. Don’t we waste enough time on Facebook without all the apps, games and other pointless stuff? Thankfully, I’ve learned how to block app requests. Shew.

2. Point of disdain #2. The tagging of shoes. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to block those, so I just mark them as spam and remove that person as a friend. I used to feel bad about that, but now I don’t. I’m over it.

3. The Spam. Seriously, “OMG dad walks in on his daughter doing what?!” Seriously people. It’s spam. Don’t click on it. IF you think that is a legitimate news story, don’t click the link. Open Google, search the headline in question and find it on a reputable news source. Threat of spam solved.

Back in the old days when MySpace wasn’t a portal for petophiles and 14 year olds, I had a page. But every time I logged on, I had a post chocked full of glitter that made my eyes bleed. “Just stopping by to show your page some love!” Ugh. I deleted my MySpace account shortly after that. I do think MySpace has some redeeming qualities. It’s great for bands and listening to free music. Other than that, no thank you.

The point of this rant is a warning. The second I get a glitter post on my page, I’m deleting Facebook. For me, Twitter is the future. #TeamTwitter. Facebook, get your act together and stop spamming me.


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