Skinny Girl!

I adore Bethenny Frankel and everything about her. She’s hilarious, adorable, straight-to-the-point and a strong, smart, savvy business woman who manages to literally do it all. Her SkinnyGirl cocktails, margarita mix, etc are a huge hit…so when I found out about her SkinnyGirl Daily Green Lemonade Cleanse & Restore:   I had to try it.

I’ve never done a cleanse before so I have nothing to compare it to…but, my first experience has so far been a good one. I have typically been nervous to try a cleanse, I’ve heard they are hard on your stomach, you can’t have  normal diet while doing it, and you get weak. Things I can’t have while I’m in the field reporting. But the wise folks at GNC recommended SkinnyGirl because of the brand she has created, and the fact that SK Cleanses are easy on your stomach and meant for everyday use.  They don’t taste absolutely delicious, but they’re not supposed to. They’re tolerable and not terrible. Better than expected from a cleanse. Bonus: They come in easy to carry packets you can throw into your purse…and a cute, reusable recipe box!

It’s too early to talk about results, but so far, so good.

You can get the cleanses at any GNC. Read more about the cleanse here.


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