Each month, a company called EHE International donates their window space at 10 Rockefeller Center in the heart of NYC to a healthcare based non-profit organization. They work with a boutique PR firm (Danielides) who facilitates the window display…  This month, that PR firm is offering the Tourette Syndrome Association that space for the entire month of July!  Isn’t it nice to see big companies do good things with their resources?!

The dimensions of the window are 14 feet long by 6 feet high…. The window is illuminated 24/7 and is often panned to during “The Today Show” broadcast. Here’s a picture of what the banner will look like… See if you can spot any familiar faces…

The banner will be installed on Friday, July 1st around 11:00 am and taken down on Friday, July 29th. Be on the lookout for it!


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