Daufuskie Island

Back from vacay! What a relaxing vacation it was… My family recently bought a condo on Daufuskie Island, which is off the coast of Hilton Head. It’s a very small island (2 miles by 5 miles) but its filled with lots of character. With only a couple of restaurants on the entire island, we really felt like we were in another country! Everything was SO relax and SO chill. It was my ideal vacation: Sipping an alcoholic beverage on the beach, followed by a casual dinner.

But there are a few things we did besides lie horizontal in the sand… We went horse-back riding on the beach, took boat rides around the island, and played in the beach. Most of the time we were literally the ONLY people on the entire beach! It was like our own private island.

The golf is apparently fantastic, although I’m no golfer so I really couldn’t tell ya… One of my favorite parts about the island, is there are only a handful of cars there. Everyone drives a golf cart! It’s a nice change of pace, that’s for sure!

Our trip to the island continued with a day trip to Savannah, which was absolutely gorgeous. If you’ve never been to this historic city, you  must go!

Sad vacation is over. But it’s back to the real world! Here are a few pictures from the trip.

  More pictures here.


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