Feel Good Friday

Feel-Good Friday

Welcome to the first edition of Feel Good Friday!

I have some pretty awesome friends. They’re always posting one way or another to help other people, animals or causes near and dear to their hearts. And you know I am obnoxious about helping animals. So I thought why not post once a week, an easy way to help others.

The first Feel-Good Friday comes from my friend, Katherine Kennedy. Ever the philanthropic gal, she posted on her Facebook page last week in the RIDICULOUS heat, an easy (and cheap) way to help the homeless.

Freeze a couple of bottles of water the night before work…Then, throw them in your purse and pass them out to our homeless friends…or just any one else you see who may need a little cool down!

It’s a simple gesture that costs you very little, that will go a long way.

Thanks Katherine for the idea! And if you have any ideas about how you help others, post a comment!


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