App Addict

A new iPhone addict, I am constantly looking for the hottest apps. So far, my favorites are:

1. Instagram

2. Twitter

3. My Fitness Pal

4. Rebecca Black Sounds (no judgment. it makes great for crank calls :))

5. Pandora

6. I Heart Radio

7. Evernote

8. Fruit Ninja

9. Pinterest

10. Google +

12. And my new fav: Meal Snap

Meal Snap is a handy little tool that allows you to take pics of your food and get an estimate on your calories! I’ve found that tracking what I eat helps keep me in line with my diet. But there are so many times I can’t log my food via My Fitness Pal app because I don’t know how many calories I just ate, so I usually just guess…Now I don’t have to!

Other iPhoners: What’s your fav app? Any recommendations?


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