I just discovered this new website, ebookfling, that makes it MUCH more affordable to download books to your ereader…and I had to share the wealth!

Sign up for free on the website,

then you’re able to swap unlimited ebooks with thousands of people. Once you sign up, you can share/post your books for others to read. Then, you lend your book to other borrowers. The more books you lend, the more credits you get. It’s calling a ‘fling.’ Each credit can be used to borrow a new book. If you don’t have any credits, it’s $2.99 to borrow. Cheaper than a book at Borders, for sure.¬† So read desirable books, and more people will want to borrow…and you’ll benefit. You can keep the book for 14 days. Enjoy the fling!

I wish I had this when I was in college! Pricey textbooks=goodbye.

The service is available on your Kindle, Nook, Blackberry, iPad, iPhone or Android.


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