Pepsi Refresh – Easy Way to Help!

I’m all about keeping it simple… So here’s a way you can help that will take very little time and no money.
A no-kill shelter in Kentucky, Peaceful Paws Springs Animal Rescue, has entered the Pepsi Refresh project. They need votes: Click here to cast yours! You can also help by texting DAILY 108726 to 73774.


Want to do more? If you are a Pepsi drinker, save those bottle caps. Email the code on the inside of the bottle cap or inside the carton to

These codes are priceless and can help them win the money they need to keep this shelter going!

I’ve worked with this shelter before on a story of horrible animal abuse, the people who work for this organization are truly such selfless animal-lovers…and they are going all out to help them! Case in point: The picture below. Volunteers are going through mounds of trash in search of Pepsi caps!

So don’t forget: Vote everyday online or via text. And save those bottle caps! Questions? Feel free to post them here or visit Peaceful Paws Springs Facebook page. 


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