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Copper Theft From Charity Project

It’s been just over a year now in the making, The Legacy Home, a place low-income senior women will hopefully be able to call home soon. But Saturday night, the project had a set-back, when copper wiring was stolen.

“So they can enjoy retirement and not worry about how they’re going to live on social security alone,” says Rev. Esther Hurlburt, the founder of the Legacy Home.

It’s a project that’s been on Esther’s heart for some time now. “The Legacy Home is my ministry its my calling,” she says.

Esther says she came to the property Sunday and noticed a few things were missing. After a thorough check, she discovered the copper wiring had been taken. The theft is a big hit to an already very tight budget. “They came and stole as much copper line set they could get. Then they helped themselves to all the wiring,” says Esther.

It’s a crime that’s all too common these days. “It’s a financial set back for us. The less we spend on construction the less rent we can offer for our residents.”

Esther says she can only hope this won’t jeopardize the project. “It was a real disappointment because we’ve raised money bit by bit for construction.”

One of the amazing things about this project is it’s been entirely funded by the community. Donations as simple as top soil are dropped off daily. But now, The Legacy Home needs the community’s help more than ever. Which is why they’ve kicked off a campaign called ‘Just One Hour.’ “We are just asking people to contribute the value of one hour of their hourly salary,” says Esther. “No matter what it is.”

Esther hopes the home will be finished just as it was started, as a community project, in every sense of the word. “We’ve come this far, we are going to finish this house.”

The home is set to be finished sometime in October. Donations can be mailed to:
Rev. Esther Hurlburt
P.O. Box 674
Lexington, KY 40588

More information is also available here.



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