New Artist Finds!

At my best friend, Kendall’s wedding I got to meet so many great musicians! Kendall’s husband, Billy is in a band, and the majority of the groomsmen have bands or sing in some way. Their ceremony was filled with their friends songs and tributes to them, and the reception was even more musically jam-packed!

The talent was so outstanding I had to share…

-First up, Kendall’s dear friend Justyna Kelley wrote an original song and performed it during the ceremony. I wish I had a video of it to show you, but as Maid of Honor my hands were tied with several bouquets and unable to record her song. But trust me, it was beautiful. Justyna is a singer/songwriter who is not only stunningly beautiful, her voice rocks. Check out some of her music here on her MySpace page.   Or check out her Facebook page. 











Liz Sharpe: Kendall told me about her incredibly talented Liz Sharpe a while ago, and before I had even met her I knew her songs. I added her album to my iPod and loved every minute of it. Liz sang the couple’s first song! Props, girlfriend. Check out Liz’s stuff here. or her Facebook page here. 











Kayla Ward: How this lady is not a professional singer I have no idea. She’s an incredibly talented hair dresser in Knoxville, and was sweet enough to fix the bridesmaids and of course the bride’s hair for the big day…But she also shared her other talent with us, her voice. Kayla jumped on stage and sang “At Last,” by Etta James with the band. He performance is posted below.








And now for the boys…

Weekend Jimmy & The Easy Party: Billy (Kendall’s husband) plays the drums with his band, Weekend Jimmy and the Easy Party. You know the wedding is a good time when the groom actually rocks out. The guys even let the ring bearer, sweet Hudson Mitchell, play on stage! Check out their performance below, and their Facebook page here. 






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