A HUGE thank you to everyone who supported me and my fundraising efforts for the Walk to Defeat ALS!
Thanks to your donations I raised $3,550.00! As a whole, the Lexington ALS walk raised more than $50,000!

I had a blast at the Walk at Rupp on Saturday. We had HUNDREDS of people show up! Thankfully the walk was inside the arena, because it was freezing outside! I got to meet so many people passionate about this cause—-and determined to find a cure. Whether they were personally affected by this terrible disease or not, we all had the same goal; raise money for a cure!

I walked in honor of my grandfather, Doyle Burdine, who passed away several years ago from ALS. His mantra, “Attitude is Everything,” is the name of my team… It’s also a common trait among ALS patients. I can never understand, but every ALS patient I’ve ever met has maintained a positive attitude, a smile, and a gratefulness for their life. Even when they are dying from this terrible, debilitating disease, they keep up their spirits. How? I have no idea. But it must have something to do with why these people get this sickness. It’s often been found that ALS patients are outgoing, happy, positive people. I think that’s a testament to them—God knows what he’s doing, while we may not understand it, their strength and attitude is contagious…and even when they are sick, through the pain, others notice it. THAT was truly my grandfather. So much so, that he requested “I believe Attitude is Everything” be written on his headstone. And each year, my family has ALS tshirts made that have some inspirational quote of his on the back. This year was “I am optimistic because I choose to be.”

A special shout-out to my donors:

Alyce Burdine

Ananda Rochita

Danielle Caperton

Laura Burdine

Justin Williams

Linda Coffey

Martin Bryant

Ms. Donna Rice

Richard Hicks

The Pendletons

And p.s.: It’s not too late to donate! So head on over to my link and throw some money towards a fantastic cause. 

Thanks to everyone for their coverage, from the Herald-Leader, WKYT and of course LEX18.

Here’s a blurb from LEX 18.

Photo courtesy: Matt Goins


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