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Recently I underwent a cleanse: Not a juice cleanse, organic cleanse, detox, etc…But a newsletter cleanse. I realized every morning when I would wake up, my inbox was bursting at the seams with email: newsletters to be specific. I then noticed that I deleted more than half of them.

So I unsubscribed from most all of them…almost. The ones that made the cut, I found I’ve actually read every day, a.k.a, worth my time.

Passing along the newsletter love, I wanted you to know the ones I actually enjoy reading everyday!

1. The Zoe Report: I adore the silly Rachel Zoe. She’s adorable and generally all over the place. Her fashion sense, impeccable. Some of the trends including in the bit are simply unattainable, but even from those, I generate ideas and inspiration to fit into my style. Fashion can be overwhelming, in a good way—but for those of us who have little time and money to spend on style, The Zoe Report is a huge help. Which is why the slogan of the newsletter; “Be Glamorous Everyday.” Sign up here. 

2. CNN Headlines for Your American Morning: Simple, short, sweet, to the point. You need to know what’s going on across the country, but you don’t have time to peruse through numerous sites. CNN’s morning report brings a smorgasbord of news so you can pick and chose what to learn more about.

3. Fab:Fit:Fun: by Giuliana Ranic

I adore Giuliana, E!’s first lady. She’s smart, witty and gorgeous. FFF is where she shares her secrets in fitness, living-well, health, food, confidence building, career, love, fashion, food, makeup, cool finds etc etc etc. The newsletters are short, sweet and to-the-point. They’re well-written and catchy. Sign up here!

4. Self: Get Fit Move Of The Day!
I love this newsletter, it’s a quick read with a little fitness tip to get your day started. It’s usually something really simple that you can throw into your workout routine.  Print them off, safe them in your workout plans and get fit! Sign up here. 

5. Daily Candy: Possibly one of my favorite newsletters. Daily Candy is literally everything you can imagine, to be a fabulous chic gal. From the handy “Weekend Guides” organized by cities, or the generic one with cool online finds, there’s always something I’m interested in. Your daily “sweet” includes fashion, decorating, organizing, books, music, how-to’s with the newest hair style, new products, and unique finds in pretty much every facet of a gal’s life. Get your sweet fix here. 

6. MediaBistro: This one might not interest everyone, but for me it’s right up my alley. Media kids; you will enjoy it, too. MediaBistro compiles all the important media-centric articles everyday, whether it’s news about magazines, online media, broadcast news, newspapers, radio, on-air talent—if it concerns media—it’s on MB.

7. The Frisky: Flirty, risque, funny, trendy…a newsletter that features the most popular stuff from the sometimes-snarky-but-always-entertaining website, Cool products, fashion, funny articles, celebrity gossip, health, beauty, buzz-worthy reads. Primarily girl stuff, guys—won’t interest you.

8. RTDNA: Radio and Television Digital News Association: Of COURSE you need to subscribe to this. Mainly because I’m a contributor. Get industry news, media happenings, ethics, journalism, etc. Good stuff. 

9. The Animal Rescue Site & Free Kibble: You knew I would throw in an animal-related newsletter! While this isn’t really a ‘newsletter’ meaning you don’t have to devote a lot of time reading it, it is a valuable inbox item. Sign up for The Animal Rescue Site, and all you have to do is click the little purple button, and you’ll give free food to homeless animals. The same goes for Free Kibble and Free Kibble Kat, except with this site you answer a fun trivia question to help animals…don’t worry, they get fed even if you answer wrong. It’s easy and takes 5 seconds to help homeless animals. Sign up for The Animal Rescue Site here and Free Kibble here. 

10. Story People: Fun, quirky “stories” that usually make no sense, but are always entertaining. Sign up here. 

Honorable mention:

Sephora Beauty Insider


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