Dog Recovering After Being Shot, Beaten, Starved

For the third time in the past week, a dog has been found in Rowan County with gun shot wounds.

The latest is “Carl,” who was found last week with gun shot wounds, a broken leg, a broken jaw, puncture wounds to his neck and severely malnourished. However, vets say Carl is expected to recover.

Carl was found Friday in the Wagoner’s Corner area of Rowan County under a guardrail. “As a human being, it makes me sick,” said Shannon Malone of STAR, a rescue organization. “There’s no excuse for behavior like this. For treating animals like this.”

Malone, a volunteer with STAR – which stands for Saving the Animals of Rowan County, a rescue organization, happened to be having a fundraiser when Carl was brought in. “He raised his head up in the condition he was in and looked at everyone, and was wagging his tail,” she said. “That was the decision, right there. We were not putting him down. We were going to save him.”

Carl will have surgery to fix his broken leg and his jaw. After that, he will be ready to be adopted. “He’s stealing hearts already, so hopefully it wont be too long,” said Malone.

The discovery of Carl comes on the heels of two other dogs, Bullett and Carolyn, found with gun shot wounds in Rowan County just last week. “I wish I could say it was the same person,” said Malone. “Because then we would do an all out hunt and we would find them. But no, it’s not the same person.

Bullett and Carolyn are both expected to recover as well, and now on their way to new homes – something Malone hopes for Carl, too. “He’s got a good future,” she said. Get him fixed, get him healthy, I think he will be a wonderful dog.”

Carl has a few pricey vet bills in front of him, too – about $3,000, something STAR says they need help with.

If you’re interested in helping pay for Carl’s surgery or adopt him, visit the following links:

For people who want to adopt Carl:

To help pay for his surgery:

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