28 Years Later: The Beirut Bombing Anniversary

Some call it the beginning of the war on terror: The 1983 Beirut Bombings. On October 23rd in Beirut, Lebanon, a suicide bomber drove into the Marine Corps Barracks and blew them up.Today is the 28th anniversary of that day, when 220 Marines, 18 sailors & 3 Army soldiers were killed.  It’s also where my dad was when I was born. Thankfully, he was not inside the barracks. Here’s a picture of my dad from his time in Beirut.

2 thoughts on “28 Years Later: The Beirut Bombing Anniversary”

  1. Nikki, although not there at the time of the bombing, I was in Grenada as part of the 22nd MAU, I arrived in Beirut on November 17th 1983, my birthday. It is disappointing to see no mention of this anniversary anywhere. I lost five friends in the barracks bomobing and another two while I was there and two in Grenada another forgotten event. Hope your dad is well and I appreciate your posting. Semper Fidelis!


  2. Pete, I am equaly as well, dissapointed. My Brother was Murdered there as well. For our country to deny, it happened, Shame on them!!!!!!!! when so much worse is going on today, I think, it is total bullshit. Banker bailouts, nations falling, men, women, and children, being killed in the name of greed. what sort of society, are we breeding? No morals, no compassion, no education, WTF? I love my country, but despise my Government!!!!!!! Semper Fi!!!!!!!!!!

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