Congrats Miss Lori!

She’s almost a mommy! We celebrated her pregnancy and her son, Jackson, at a baby shower this weekend. Isn’t she so beautiful?!

The shower was filled with ‘aws’ and ‘ohs’ per usual, but the woman behind the shower had a few ideas I found interesting enough to pass along. In addition to the silly games (measuring mommy’s tummy, guessing baby food,) there was also a random question read aloud throughout the night…i.e.: “What 1 quality do you hope your son has?” “What are you most nervous about giving birth?” And so on… All the girls in attendance also signed a beautiful ceramic-lined mirror with an adjective to describe the mommy-to-be. Then, when the future mom opened that person’s gift, they read aloud the word and explained why they wrote it and how they believe it will help her be a great mom. Cute idea!

And congrats Lori!

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