LEX 18

Making a Difference: Ordinary Heroes

I am so excited to share with you the first segment in a new series I’ve created for LEX 18 called “Making a Difference: Ordinary Heroes.”

The series will be once a month and will air on LEX 18 News at 7:00. The first piece will feature a home-grown company called “Sweet Blessings,” where a local woman quit her job to bake cakes for kids who might never have a birthday cake. It’s a sweet story that will melt your heart.

Watch the video to see a preview of the piece.

Know a hero in your community? Someone who constantly ‘pays it forward’ without asking for anything in return? Someone who makes a difference? Submit your ideas to me at NBurdine@LEX18.com or leave a comment on this post.

Here’s the quote where I got the inspiration for this series…I think it really speaks to the heart of the piece.

“Ordinary heroes walk among us with uncommon bravery and profound care. Some wear uniforms and carry badges, some do not. But all wear the armor of integrity, compassion, courage, and honor. Our greatest heroes know that great things come from a series of small actions. They know how to protect and defend so that others may live. Their love, compassion, and bravery are God’s touch upon humanity.”

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