Feel Good Friday

Feel-Good Friday

We may be far from spring cleaning time… but surely you’ve got some things lying around the house you can get rid of, right?

I don’t mean that glitter tube top from Spring Break 2003. I’m talking about your old towels, sheets and blankets.

Do your sheets have holes in them? Well first off it’s time for a new set. Second off, don’t just toss them in the dumpster. Wash them and take them to your local humane society. Chances are, there’s a dog or a cat sitting in a cold cage that would prefer to be sitting on your old sheets. The same goes for your towels that are looking a little rough or that blanket that’s seen better days. Donate them to your local shelter, and help make an animals stay at the Humane Society a little more comfortable.

Simply call your local shelter and ask when you can drop off items. Load them in your car, and do some good. Automatic feel-good.

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