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Centre College to Host VP Debate

In 2000, Centre College made history as the smallest institution ever to host a general election debate.Administrators say that because they did it so flawlessly, they’ve been given the opportunity to host a second Vice Presidential debate in just under a year.

Vice presidential hopefuls will file into the Norton Center for the Arts on Oct. 11, 2012, to face off in front of America.

“We’ll have about 30 million people tuning into Centre College and to The Commonwealth to learn about these men and women vying for that VP slot,” Centre College President, John Roush, said.

In 2000, Joseph Lieberman and Dick Cheney went head to head at Centre.

“They know we did it. They know we can do it again. And that’s why they’re coming back. They know us,” Roush said.

Add the $100 million additions to the campus since then– the whole package apparently impressed the Presidential Campaign Committee.

“It’s just going to be a great experience for all Centre College students and for the entire state of Kentucky,” David Miller said.

He and Junior Alex Chick were in grade school the last time the campus got this sort of national attention.

“The 2000 debate is a huge part of our history here at Centre. It’s talked about all the time. It’s mentioned in government classes and history classes and now our generation of Centre College students get to be a part of history all over again,” Miller said.

And administrators promise, students will have their hands on this one.

“A couple hundred of them will probably attend the debate. A couple hundred of them, maybe several hundred will work on the debate,” Roush said.

If it’s anything like last time around, seats inside will be at a premium. But the excitement will envelop the campus.

“I would be happy just to say I got a standing spot outside the Norton Center just to be able to say I was at least walking distance to being a part of history,” Chick said.

The VP will be the second of four general election debates.


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