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Feel-Good Friday: Troopons

Here’s your “Feed-Good Friday!” And as always, it’s super easy. “Troopons: Coupons for Troops!” I know, you want to save money too. But if you’re like me, you forget to take those coupons with you when you actually go grocery shopping. Thus, leaving them sitting on the kitchen counter to expire and go to waste. But now those expired coupons can go to good use: to help our active military and their families save money—as long as they are not past 60 days expired.

Troopons also takes active, non-expired coupons, too. I have tons of coupons I inevitably throw away because it’s just for something I don’t eat. Instead of tossing them, mail them!

So clip the coupons (save our troops from having to do that) and mail them away. Here’s how it works:

Send active coupons to:
(at least 3 months remaining)
Attn: Active Troopons
P.O. Box 231
Whiting, IN 46394-0231
Send expired coupons to:
(no more than 60 days expired)
Attn: Expired Troopons
P.O. Box 430
Whiting, IN 46394-0430

Coupons must be :

  • From manufacturers for individual products – examples include items like soup, pasta or toothpaste.
  • Not for individual stores – coupons for individual stores cannot be used.
  • Clipped out and separated into food and non-food.
  • Packaged in 8″ X 8″, quart-size, or similar size plastic bags
  • Not assistance vouchers, not food stamps or the like; not restaurant coupons
  • Separated into food and non-food
Click here to learn more about Troopons. 





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  1. Not a bad idea. What about military wives living here but whose husbands are stationed overseas? Do they qualify for the program? I know at one time many of them qualified for food stamps.

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