Thank You

Thank You Thursday

I’d like to take this opportunity just to say ‘thanks!’

You know those people in your life who do nice things for you? You say ‘thanks, I really appreciate it!’ But you want to really let them know how much they rock.

This is one of those posts.

So thank you this Thursday to the wonderful folks at Talent Attach! Steven Gammon, Tim Savage, Kent Kobayashi, Beth King, They have been working their butts off to create a fantastic logo for Ordinary Heroes, my Facebook page, and more. They’ve created gorgeous picture collages for my Facebook fan page, nabbed thousands of followers for me and made my life easier! Because in this big, bad overwhelming world of social media, a girl can get a little lost.

If you need help in your social media, I highly recommend these guys.  But don’t just take my endorsement, TA is also responsible for the social media at LEX18, Georgetown College, Cane’s, Hot 102, and a LOT more.

Follow them on Twitter or like their Facebook page. 

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