Feel Good Friday

RAOK – Winner!

Thank you to everyone who entered the Random Act of Kindness giveaway! I chose a winner –at random — and the winner is Connie Maynard! You’re the proud owner of an Orange Leaf gift certificate. YUMMY!

No one act of kindness is greater than another… so keep on RAOK’ing — and I’ll be doing another giveaway soon! And although that warm feeling in your heart is enough to make you want to keep doing good, a little fro-yo can’t hurt 🙂

Here are just a few of the many entries I received via Facebook, WordPress and Twitter!

Connie MaynardSo this is a small RAOK but I’ll tell it anyways 🙂 My friend told me about how she was moving out of her dorm and consequently leaving her random roommate we don’t know with no microwave. So I gave her mine from my dorm then drove home to get another for myself.

Ben Peters:|One time my freinds dog died so I helped him through it and also one time my friend broke thier leg and everyday i would go over and play xbox with them.

Ashley McCurdy yesterday I was leaving the grocery store and a older couple was waiting outside in the cold with all their groceries. they asked for a ride home because their cab hadn’t come yet and it had been almost two hours. I took them home three miles away and refused the money they offered. I told them I would like to think that if I had asked them they would have done the same for me.


Hi Nikki,

For my daughter’s first birthday on Feb. 7, we celebrated by committing random acts of kindness all over central Kentucky and called it “Born with a Purpose” day. We took craft supplies to Hope Hill Children’s Home, handed out gift cards for free pizza to families shopping at Goodwill and Walmart, surprised a family dining at Red Lobster with free desserts and my favorite moment was when we gave a busy mom shopping for groceries a $50 gift certificate for a spa. We wanted to celebrate our daughter’s life by returning the kindness we’ve received this past year and teach her from the beginning to be a loving and generous person. You can read all about our day here:http://www.alovelyplacetoland.com/2012/02/celebrating-adas-first-birthday-with.html


Rachel Hall: I am donating clothes and dishes to Mentally Challenged people. It may not be much, but I’m sure it means the world to them, plus it makes me feel good :)

Natasha Milby  |So every week for the past 6 months or so I make sandwiches for the Hope Center in Lexington, which they give out to the homeless. It’s freezing outside so at least I can fill up their stomachs for awhile! :)
@scott meier ‏ #ROAK brought a rose and chicken minis for all.the ladies at work.yesterday.#bestcoworkersever
 Alicia Riley ‏ @a_ry11: @NikkiBurdine : leaving notes in random places for people to find. Letting then know they are important and have a purpose! #RAOK
Bryan Moore ‏ @bmoore1221#RAOK hot hands initiative, giveaway unused hot hands from hunting season 2 homeless ppl i see @ stop lights, walking etc@NikkiBurdine

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