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Last month I did a piece on an amazing little girl, Lily. She has muscular distrophy. She’s 9 years old. And she runs. A lot. When I met this little girl, it was because her proud father sent an email into the newsroom bragging on his daughter, and rightfully so. Thank goodness he did – I was blessed to meet this girl who not only defies the obstacles, she tramples them – while she runs half marathons.

Yes – a 9 year old, running half-marathons, with MD. On top of it all, she’s too cute for her own good. And she acts like a young adult. This girl was adorable, quirky, witty and inspirational. Check out the story below.

An update on Lily – she finished her half-marathon in Myrtle Beach! WOW! Congrats Lily, and thank you for inspiring us all to make a difference!

Follow Lily’s adventures and get motivated on her Facebook page here.

1 thought on “Lily”

  1. Love this story! I follow her on Facebook and she’s such an inspiration! She’s actually inspired me to start running more! Way to go, Lily!

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