My Chic Lit Confession

I’m notorious for starting things and not finishing them. Case in point – books. Typically, I have anywhere from 3 to 5 books going at a time.

You see, I need one for whatever mood I may be in. I must have one that’s light-hearted and requires little thinking, one that’s a bit rougher around the edges and an educational one. For example, right now I’m reading (in addition to about 5 celeb-gossip magazines), The Root by Eric Hammel (a book about the Marines in Beirut of 1983), Aim For The Heart by Al Tompkins (an educational book to brush up on all-things journalism) and two other books…one, I am less than proud of.

One of the books is the purpose of this post – “Where We Belong,” by Emily Giffin. Giffin is one of my all-time favorite authors. From “Baby Proof” to “Something Borrowed” and “Something Blue,” Giffin’s writing is the perfect end to a stressful, news-filled day. So when I found out about her newest book, “Where We Belong,” I had to pre-order it immediately! If you’re a chic-lit lover like me, add it to your list. You won’t regret it!

The last book that I am reading and the one I am a bit ashamed of, is none other than the “Fifty Shades of Grey” trilogy. Confession: It’s good. It’s really good. I do, however, recognize that this is not the most educational piece of literature I’ve ever read. And some might pass  judgement when they see me reading it. So prior to my trip to Las Vegas in June, I discovered a solution…and I thought I’d share it with you other 50-shades-enthusiasts.

I pulled off my shelf,  a previously-read-yet-less-embarrassing book…and stole the cover. Yup – I wrapped my 50 Shades book in one of my all-time favorite book’s covers, “Blink” by Malcom Gladwell. Fool proof plan, right? [sidebar – if you haven’t read Gladwell’s books – remedy this immediately. Some of the best I’ve ever read.]

The only problem, you see…is while I settled down in my seat on my flight to Las Vegas, I just so happened to sit next to a nice guy who’s favorite author was, you guessed it, Malcolm Gladwell.

So upon sitting down, his first comment to me was “That’s a great book.” I decided I would tell a little white lie and let him think I was just re-reading “Blink.” The cover is obviously weathered and I though I could pull off my tall-tale.

I should also mention, I’m a terrible liar. And I have a guilty conscious.

Our conversation grew and we started talking about other great books we’ve read. He made a comment about the Fifty Shades series and asked if I had read them. I actually replied yes, I am actually reading those books as well, I just decided to leave them at home because I was embarrassed to have them in public.

His response? “You should find a cover, like your “Blink” book and use it on the Fifty Shades!

Oh my. Welp, the gig is up at this point, so I came clean. I told you, I am a terrible liar.

We had a good laugh – and he promised not to judge me, as long as I let him read a few chapters of 50 Shades.

So ladies – this plan can work, if you are a better fibber than I am.

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