link love

Link Love

A few things I’ve been digging this week! If you don’t know – well now ya do!


Dog Shaming: It’s the newest fad: When your pup is bad, you place a note publicly displaying is transgression and post the adorable picture online.

-Tobi: Online shopping that is chic and cheap. For real. Join here. 

-Babel, by Mumford & Sons, new album is officially out!

-Shop for a cause – at Lexington Humane Society! Their adorable Peace, Love, Paws line is all buy one get one FREE!

Healthy Choice Frozen Greek Yogurt: it is to DIE for. Seriously. So yummy. And good for you.

Xi Acai (Xi Cocktails): I met the creator of this yummy drink when I was in Vegas – and it’s delish! Acai berry-infused alcohol is a win-win.

Rubilove on Instagram: Instagram is no longer just for posting pictures of yourself looking super rad. Now it’s a way to get ideas and inspiration. Follow Rubilove for great fashion ensembles! Follow NikkibOnTV while you’re at it 🙂

Garden & Gun magazine: A fab glossy about all things southern…way trendier than Southern Living.

Starbucks Via Refreshers – healthy, green coffee beans are uber refreshing


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