Hoarders – and how you can help their victims

Yet another story about animal cruelty. This time, out of Franklin County.

Today I interviewed the woman who helped rescue the dogs and cats. Click the video to see the story.

If you would like to help – contact information is below. The rescue group, “It’s All About the Animals,” tells me “they will take anything, even piggy banks.” So, friends, dig into those pockets and let’s help! If you are interested in adopting – use the same contact info at the bottom of this post. Let me tell you all – these dogs were SUCH cuddle bunnies! Any of them would make a perfect lap dog!

Fourteen dogs and 6 cats were seized from a Frankfort home, after investigators say the animals were living in terrible conditions.

LEX 18 spoke with the woman who owned the dog on Friday, whose name has not been released. “All I want to say is these animals were fed, watered and taken care of,” the woman says.

A rescue group called “It’s All About The Animals” took in most of the dogs. The six cats were taken to the Franklin County Humane Society and will soon be up for adoption.

“They’ve just been absolutely positively every inch of their body is covered in fleas,” says Trudi Johnson, who helped rescue the dogs.

But Trudi also says, the couple living in that home were doing more than neglecting the dogs.  “They have puppy liter after liter after litter.  People are supplementing their income with that. But what they are doing is using the same dogs.” Trudi says, this over-breeding is abuse in itself. “We have one blind dog and a mother who is 9 years old with 3 pups. We are dealing with dogs that have been bred to each other over and over again. You’ve got siblings breeding to mothers, the pups just don’t make it.”

Trudi says neighbors told her the dogs were never let outside, instead kept in the basement of the home. But this isn’t the first time this couple has been accused of a similar crime. According to Trudi, Shih- Tzus were seized from the same home last year. “Everything was taken away and into the humane society and found new homes for. Then they just did it again,” Trudi says.

Still, she believes the abuse wasn’t intentional. “I think its mental illness. I think these people need psychiatric help.”

LEX 18 went back to the home on Holmes Street Monday, but no one would talk to us. We did hear the sound of several dogs barking inside the home.

At this point, police tell us no charges have been filed against the couple. They say the county attorney has yet to decide if they will face charges or not.

The dogs already saved will be vetted and up for adoption soon. The dogs still need lots of treatment including a tumor that needs to be removed from one of the dogs.

If you would like to help the rescue organization, they can be reached at or by calling 502-330-0884. If you are interested in helping or adopting the cats, the Franklin County Humane Society can be reached at:  1041 Kentucky Avenue  Frankfort, KY 40601 or by calling 502-875-7297.

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